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Brand: Cheshire Mouldings Model: CGPB2, CGPB8
Clarity Brushed Nickel Glass Panel Bracket (Pack of 2 and 8) part FEATURES The Clarity Brushed Nickel Bracket offers incredibly stylish finishing touches when teamed with Clarity glass panels A simple metallic finish for a contemporary design Easy to install with the Clarity glass ..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Cheshire Mouldings Model: RIB42RK, RIB24RK
Iron Oak Pre Drilled Rake Baserail (Multiple Sizes) Part FEATURES The classic Oak baserail for the Iron Wavy and Iron Straight range has a smooth, curved finished and pre drilled for ease. The Iron round baserails are available in Oak only Iron round Oak baserails go perfectly w..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: Cheshire Mouldings Model: RHI24RK, RH142RK
Iron Oak Pre-Drilled Rake Handrail (Multiple Sizes) part FEATURES The 2.4 metre Iron Round Unfinished Oak Rake Handrail is pre-drilled to enable quick and easy installation with spindles. Also available in 4.2 metre The Iron range round handrails have a soft edged finish which ..
Ex Tax:£85.00
Model: 912
1 gang, 2 way switchPack Qty - 3..
Ex Tax:£1.65
Model: 914
1 gang, bell push switchPack Qty - 1..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Brand: Everbuild Model: 125C3
Everflex 125 One Hour Caulk is a fast drying flexible decorators filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper; no sanding down required.Do not apply 125 One Hour Caulk at temperatures below +4°C. Application Temp. ..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Model: 950
13A Fused Connection UnitsPack Qty - 1..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: 921
13A, 1 gang SP Single SocketPack Qty - 5..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Model: 922
13A, 2 gang SP Double SocketPack Qty - 5..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: 922U
13A, 2 gang SP, switched, outboard rockers + 2 x USB (2.1A)Pack Qty - 1..
Ex Tax:£9.99
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